Physical theatre.Dance.Performance.

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Meine Bio

Donya arbeitet als freischaffende Performerin und Theatermacherin. Ihre Engagements sind im Bereich Tanz, Site- Specific Theatre, Dokumentartheater und Performance. Außerdem initiiert, choreografiert und realisiert sie eigene Projekte und ist meist in interkulturelle Kontexten tätig.

Projects and commitments

Donya works as a freelance performer and theater maker. Her
engagements are in the field of dance, site-specific theater, documentary theater
and performance

Physical theatre

Physical theatre is a form of performance that relies heavily on the expressive capabilities of the body, movement, and nonverbal communication. Unlike traditional theatre, physical theatre places less emphasis on scripted dialogue and more on the physicality of the performers. It combines elements of dance, mime, acrobatics, and other physical disciplines to create a visually captivating and emotionally evocative experience for the audience.


Dance is a captivating art form that combines rhythmic movement, expression, and storytelling to convey emotions, ideas, and narratives. It is a form of physical expression that transcends language, allowing dancers to communicate and connect with audiences on a universal level. Dance encompasses a wide range of styles and genres, each with its own unique techniques, movements, and cultural influences. From classical ballet to contemporary dance, hip hop to salsa, there is a dance style to suit every taste and preference.


A performance refers to the act of staging or presenting a play , concert, or any other form of entertainment. It is the action or process of carrying out a planned artistic or creative endeavor in front of an audience. Performances can take various forms, including theatrical productions, musical performances, dance shows, circus acts, stand-up comedy, and more. They often involve a group of performers who collaborate to create a cohesive and engaging experience for the audience.