Cabaret Voltaire  Re- Visits Monte Verità, Ascona „Songs to the Suns” Monte Vérità

In the research-based works, Izidora l LETHE starts from the body as a site of knowledge-production and knowledge-repository. LETHE is concerned with revising depoliticized notions of landscape, geology, or the body in interdependence with its human and non-human environment.
For «Songs to the Suns», LETHE pushes this groundwork further: with a focus on destabilizing the avant-gardists’ normative notions of body, movement, and idea of freedom. In doing so, LETHE honors an embodied
knowledge, that has often been systematically overlooked, notably, the knowledge of the queer, female, non-binary/trans*, postcolonial, and post-migrant body.

With Izidora l LETHE and Paul Maheke, Cabaret Voltaire invites two contemporary artists for a collaboration with the Monte Verità Cultural Centre. Performers on the opening weekend will be Val Minnig, Stéph, Nina Emge, Inez J Barrer, Hermes Schneider, Donya Speaks, and Claudia Barth. Yantan Ministry will make an audio contribution. Christa Baumberger, Sophie Doutreligne, and Minna Salami will participate in the conversation.

Short Film:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AxFrJSLeWg&t=190s

More info: https://www.izidora-l.com/SONGS-TO-THE-SUNS


Juni 2021: shitfluencers digest: inside zürich
Theater Neumarkt

«Why You Lying On Your Dick»

Dominá Vaginá Dentatá Pt. 02
Guest Auftritt von Emir EL’Propheta 

Sie wurden nach zürich gerufen, sie sollen switzerland sexy again machen, sie haben die lizenz zum influencen. der gefragte pr-agent porno ralle pr versteht die sache mit der generalüberholung in puncto imagepimp. werbung sollte nicht vage oder mehrdeutig sein. klare sache. ein eindeutiger fall. und deshalb hat porno ralle pr sie nach zürich mitgebracht: die shitfluencer:innen.

More Info: https://www.theaterneumarkt.ch/mediathek/shitfluencers-digest-inside-zurich/